Live Stream OTD Energy 2021 Hall D, Stavanger Forum Equinor Supplier Day 2021

Online event / Thursday 21October /  14:00-16:00 CEST

OTD Energy, in cooperation with Equinor, will present a live stream of Equinor Supplier Day in Hall D during the exhibition. There will be parallel sessions with opportunities for questions from the audience. 

This year’s topic is the energy transition. Some of Equinor’s executives will share reflections on the challenges and opportunities ahead, as well as our sharpened strategy. We look forward to discussing how we jointly can succeed and share examples of how we are innovating together.

Thursday 21. October

Main stage – Hall D


14:00 Welcome 
14:10 Accelerating our transition 
14:30 Delivering together with our suppliers 
14:50 Break and intro to special topic sessions

Stage 1

Room A Global activity

15:00 Transforming the NCS to deliver value for decades 
15:20 International portfolio: Deep dive into Brazil 

Stage 2

Accelerating renewables and low carbon solutions  

15:00 High value growth in renewables 
15:20 A leader in carbon management & clean hydrogen

Scene 3

Innovation and collaboration with suppliers

15:00 Going offshore with our digital fieldworker 
15:20 Changing the industry through digital innovation 

Main stage – Hall D

Closing reflections