You have never experienced this at OTD before

– Som arrangør av OTD Energy, er vi avhengig av å lage møteplasser og skape markedsmuligheter for kundene våre. Nå ønsker vi å kombinere dette med et skikkelig show der de besøkende får en felles opplevelse med på kjøpet, sier messegeneral Torbjørn Olufsen i OTD Energy.


New dimension

Torbjørn Olufsen
Torbjørn Olufsen, Project Director at OTD Energy.

In recent months, Olufsen and his colleagues have turned the tables and looked at how they can develop Norway’s largest annual energy fair. Several new concepts, collaborations and offers have already been launched, and now they are ready to roll out new, big plans for the entertainment and mingling on Wednesday night. This year you get the opportunity to participate in the first ever Energy Show and Energy Gathering in the DNB arena and Clarion Hotel Energy, respectively. These two concepts, which replace the well-known Oktoberfest, help to give OTD Energy a whole new dimension, we must believe Olufsen.

– We want to create a common experience where our customers can enjoy themselves, mingle and build relationships. This is a great opportunity for those who want a proper show, but also for those who want a calm and nice conversation with other trade fair participants.


The new concepts – Energy Show & Energy Gathering:

When day 1 of the fair is over, exhibitors, sponsors and any guests gather in the exhibition area. Various restaurants and lounges are set up there with light dining. Then the Energy Show kicks off with concerts from great, well-known artists and bands in the DNB arena. Other entertainment and awards ceremonies are also on the program. After the show, an Energy Gathering will be held at the nearby Clarion Hotel Energy. There will be different zones with buffet, good drinks and entertainment. Simply a great mingling with dinner, explains the fair general.

– This is what OTD Energy is about. Meeting other people and building relationships. When they can also do this in a more informal setting, this supports all the opportunities you get from being at the fair. Both Energy Show & Gathering must be of high class and quality. The goal is to create a great experience.


– A smart choice

OTD Energy is aware of their footprint in the region. They have established good collaborations with local players to create opportunities for each other – in this case Stavanger Oilers and Clarion Hotel Energy.

– This benefits everyone. We want to fill a hotel that has had challenges during COVID-19, and we are making the biggest event and show in a long time in the DNB arena with the Oilers. When we work together, you get a tremendous enthusiasm from everyone involved, says Olufsen.

He receives support from Petter Nystrøm. The arena manager of the Stavanger Oilers makes no secret of the fact that he is tired of moving and postponing events in the DNB arena. Now he is looking forward to planning an «event from the top shelf», as he says.

– We need something to attract a few thousand people, and OTD has been really good so far. With this show and the social part afterwards, I think the fair will be revitalized. I think this is a very clever way to go, says Nystrøm.

Gjermund Dahl, hotel director for Clarion Hotel Energy, agrees. He believes the launch of Energy Show & Gathering will increase the quality of the fair. The hotel director also praises the fair for giving more responsibility for implementation to local companies.

– We are as created for exactly this type of event, and it feels good to be involved in the planning of something we actually think can be done with COVID-19. Trade fairs such as OTD Energy have enormous ripple effects in a city like Stavanger, and we cannot wait to utilize our facilities properly again. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and the commitment they make. We are looking forward to this, says Dahl.