The largest renewable collection of all time

The renewable investment during this year’s trade fair will be one of Europe’s largest meeting places in offshore wind and other sustainable solutions. The investment is a result of Norway’s largest annual energy fair, OTD Energy, having entered into a strategic partnership with the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

Over 200,000 Norwegian jobs

Frank Emil Moen
Frank Emil Moen, Communication Manager i ​Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster is an interest organization for offshore wind companies. They represent Equinor, Aker Solutions and Kvaerner – and well over 200 other Norwegian and some foreign companies.

– We are motivated to collaborate with Norway’s largest annual energy fair. Together, we will actively work to create more and greater opportunities for the Norwegian supplier industry in the years ahead, says Frank Emil Moen, Communication Manager in the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

Over 100 companies will gets stands this year in a renewable hall. Through stands, seminars and one-on-one meetings, arrangements will be made for companies to find new business opportunities in renewable energy.

For a number of years, OTD Energy has been among Norway’s most important meeting places for the supplier industry in the oil industry. This includes over 200,000 jobs, spread across all Norwegian municipalities.

– During the fair, we will create a marketplace that forms the basis for the transition from oil to new forms of energy. The Norwegian supplier industry has the companies, the expertise and all the prerequisites to take a world-leading position in the transition from fossil to renewable energy. The potential is limitless. We are facing market opportunities that provide a basis for considerable optimism, says Torbjørn Olufsen, general manager of OTD Energy.


– Norway can become a world leader in renewable energy

For those who believe that the end of the oil age means the end for Norway as a world-leading energy nation, must think again.

– The oil industry in Norway is the mainstay of the Norwegian economy. The industry is a world leader in technology and innovation, and has all the prerequisites to take a similar position when the world in the years ahead gradually moves from being powered by fossil fuels to renewable energy. 70% of the companies represented at OTD have an active desire for a change towards renewables – and we will be there for them. The next step now is that they get a meeting place where they can explore their opportunities and potential in the new markets. And they get it from us, the OTD general states.

The partners have a common goal that the meeting place should be a catalyst for making Norway a world leader in renewable energy solutions. At the same time, OTD Energy will be a catalyst for Norwegian oil suppliers’ entry into new sustainable industries.

– The oil industry has several good decades left. At the same time, it is important that we use and further develop the expertise in the industry to gain market share in the rapidly growing renewable market. This is an important task to which OTD Energy will be a contributor, says Olufsen.

He believes that Norway and the industry have an important task in helping to find solutions to the global challenges in the years to come.

– That the supplier industry gets the best conditions to be able to take a similar position in renewable energy can be crucial for us to be able to maintain the standard of living we have in Norway today. That is why it is important that we take on the pioneering role and facilitate that the framework and opportunities are the best, says Olufsen.