OTD Energy 2022 Stand packages

We have also created three different exhibition packages that include a pre-designed stand. A graphic expression is then prepared, in collaboration with your company, which is printed and the stand is ready when you show up at the fair.

Stand package A

The package provides an inviting, open and good way for your company to communicate with your target group. 

12 sqm – Total cost: NOK 75,200
49,400 (stand- and reg. fee) + 25,800 (design package)

15 kvm – Total cost: NOK 88,600
60,500 (stand- og reg. fee) + 28,100 (design package)

18 sqm – Total cost: NOK 101,600
71,600 (stand- and reg. fee) + 30,000 (design package)

Stand package B

This is the same as stand package A, but it also includes a storage room.

15 kvm – Total cost: NOK 91,900
60,500 (stand- and reg. fee) + 31,400 (design package)

18 sqm – Total cost: NOK 105,300
71,600 (stand- and reg. fee) + 33,700 (design package)

Stand package C


21 sqm – Total cost: NOK 121,600
82,700 (stand- and reg. fee) + 38,900 (design package)

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