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Gjennom samarbeid med Nordic Choice Hotels og Scandic Hotels kan vi tilby meget fordelaktige priser på overnatting i Bergen.
For å booke på Nordic Choice Hotels
Bestillingskode:  OTDE
2. At the top of the page, under dates and place, you will be asked if you have a discount or booking code, click on it, and enter the code OTDE
4. PRESS SAVE / SAVE, then a small text will appear telling you which dates the code applies to and how long it can be booked.
5. Enter Bergen, desired date (between 15-22 Oct.) and SEARCH
6. You will get all the hotels in Bergen that are included in this agreement listed.

The hotels available with these discount codes are:

For å booke på Scandic Hotels
Klikk på linkene under for å komme inn bestillingsside med 10 % rabatt på ordinærpris under OTD Energy.

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